Thursday, April 18, 2013

Top 6 Bridesmaids ideas

This week we celebrate Bridesmaids.
Today we want to share our top bridesmaids dress ideas.  

1. Neutrals: There's something about neutral bridesmaids
dresses that look uber elegant. So don't be afraid to try this 
non-traditional look.Tip: This color goes well with 
white or blush toned florals. 
Source: People

2. Patterns: Who says you have to have solid colored
bridesmaids dresses. Opt for a print pattern for a fun, playful 
look and event! You can choose floral prints, polka dots, 
animal prints, the options are endless!
Source: Ruffled

3. Pastels: We absolutely love pastel bridesmaids dresses!
This light and whimsical look is perfect for spring and summer weddings.
Source: Green Wedding Shoes

4. Mismatched: Mismatched bridesmaids dresses are
all the rage nowadays. We don't think this trend 
will go away, nor do we want it to. Go ahead and let
 your bridesmaids get creative and show their own style. 
Source: Jessica Lorren 

5. Lace: Bridesmaids can wear lace too! This look is classic and timeless. 
Source: Belle the Magazine

6. Ombre: Last but not least. We love it when bridesmaids
are asked to choose different tones in a color. 
You can get a beautiful ombre look like this one. 
Source: Southern Weddings

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