Thursday, November 25, 2010

My First Blog

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, with all the variations in foods from the traditional turkey.
My family and I enjoyed the day bowling and having turkey at PV bowl. Our friend John invited us over.
He is a basketball, swimming and baseball coach, busy man, I was surprised to know John the chef.
I firmly believe we must be open to learn from everybody, from dishwashers telling me how to remove grease spots from our linens to general managers coaching me in food cost and financial statements.
I found John's recipes to be what is called comfortable food, but his watermelon and mixed berries sauce was delicious, I personally love to tweak recipes, I like trendy and cutting edge foods.

I'd love to know from our readers what will they like to find in our blogs, we are a family-run business, myself with eighteen years in the hospitality business, as well as food and beverage, going from dishwasher to Director of Food and Beverage plus Hotel Manager, My wife Rosa with ten years in the flower and decoration business, my daughter Karla about to graduate from The Arts Institute as Fashion Design Marketing and Merchandising bachelor degree and my brother Luis which basically run operations within our business, finally there is Frida (15) and Ricky (12) my other kids, slowly learning the ropes in the business.

I can offer you that our blogs, will be real and your comments and questions will be answered based in the best of our knowledge. We have an extensive network of the finest professionals in the industry to offer you a full service event company. Where you come with your wish list and we make your dreams come true.
We pretty much design your event, based in your personal style and taste.

I also have this idea of  running a separate blog were a real couple tell you all the challenges, issues, ideas and of course the joy of planning their wedding. Last Friday I met with Esther and Daniel (what a great couple) it was the second meeting and I really like them, great personalities Esther is very outgoing, with all this great ideas and Daniel, who takes care of the financial decisions and to make sure his bride is happy.
Their wedding day is August 20, 2011 and after telling them my idea, they were more than happy to share with all of us. Soon we'll link both blogs.
I think this will help other couples to understand and to relate to the wedding planning process.

Have a great night.